I don't have to tell so much things,
but I want to show this little postcard
I got it via Postcrossing and its from a german
town called "Bremervörde".
Its not a very special card,
but its my 121th Postcard now.
I need a bigger Box, I think. *lol*

Finally I finshed my letter to my dear Zombie ( Rosa) today.
I will send it out tomorrow and I hope she will be a little bit happy about it.
btw.. I think I will buy some new letter paper next week or month. Maybe I found some on a few sites at the Internet,
'cause in our town, all  letter papers are so damn.. boring.
I don't like them. >.<

And I made this sunny picture today.
I love these clouds!!!!
Altough the sun was shinning a little bit,
it was so fuckin' cold outside... and later: rainy.

But now I am going to bed.
I want to read a little bit more in my actually book: "Die Moorhexe"
See you tomorrow and take care,


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