Dark Gloss

Hello again,

today was a  bad day. A lot happend, but.. thats live.
But I don't want to wrote about it, here. If you want to know, what happend, ask me. 
I got four letters today.
- Ute from Germany
- Maika from Japan
 - Ina from Germany
 - and Jaqueline from Germany
and a bigger package with a Book from my best Friend.
I wrote about it at my another blog.

And I got this little postcard via Postcrossing. It comes from Poland.
I was there in school a long, long time ago.
It was a great time.

And there was a lot of Clouds today, again.
I like them, but I don't like them, when it rains. xD

btw.. I want to see a Rainbow now. oô

Ah, I bought this today.
I want to change my haricolour in the next days.
So I bought a colour named "Dark Gloss".
It will be blue - black. 

But now.. here's the German Quote of the Day and I will finish know.

See you and take care.


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