Hello.. I am back again.
I want to write in English, today, although I know, my English is really really bad.
And I know.. I should speak it in the next days.. right, Saga-chan?!

This Picture was the Beginning of my Day.
It was really.. foogy and really cold, too.
I don't like it too cold, becuase I am a ...

Frostköttel. XD

Yesterday I bought a new Moneybag.
With the old one, I often lost my money in my jacket. xD
And yes, I know ..I have great linens
But its so warm and.. fluffy. xD

I got a few beautiful letters the last two days. 
The first one is from Monika from Germany. 
The second one comes from England. She send my a full Friendship sheet, which was made for me a while ago. 
The green Letter comes from Rosa. She lives in Germany, too. 
And I got this lovely Postcard via Postcrossing. The frist one got lost, so she send me an another one. 

Yeah, thats all for now again. Here's again my Quote of the Day, but its in Germany.

Take care,



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