Lion Heart

Hello again,

As some of you know, I have had birthday on last Saturday, so I got  two more presents.
From Elke, a lovely woman from a very great postcard-group at the Social Network Facebook, I got this:
It shows a lovely card, a bookmark and a small bag with my name. 
Thanks you, Dear Elke.
This little tea-set comes from P.
She would send it to me as a surprise, but the day before yesterday she ask me, if she can send it out.
And here it is.

Thank you for this, Dear P!
I bought this yesterday.
Its an energydrink called "Monster" ~ ( As you know, I called my little one sometimes Monster, too. XD)
Its a Tea - Lemon - Energy - Flavour and it tastes.. a little bit.. strange. xD
This is a little consolation prize, which I won on a book blog.
Two bookmarks .. one of them is a signed bookmark from an author whose books I want to read absolutely.
And a small reading preview for a book called "Lionheart"

Thanks for this, dear Lielan. 

Okay, thats all for now. 
Maybe be life is really boring, but the next entry will come soon.. I promise. xD

See you, 


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