I try to write this entry in English today,
altough I think I can write better in German whats going on inside of me.

This day starts like all the other days, at six o'clock.
Little Monster war going into school and I am doing some housework, bought two books: One for Saga-chan, one for myself.
After Monsters school, we makes his Homework.. or better, he makes, I am watching him. xD

After that, I am going to work a few hours and then..

then I read that Pay Money to my Pain's Vocalist K passad away at the end of the last year.
They announced a hiatus in October, I hoped so much, they would come back soon, but this now.. 
What should I say?
I am shocked.
I know them before a While trough Saito and I loves K's Voice so much.
He was at my age, a few month older.

May the Rest in Peace now.
I will be missing his awesome voice.


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