Hello again,

Sometimes my Life is really really boring, but  I want to show and tell you a little bit about the last days.

I am ill since Wednesday evening and I couldn't go to work, because I've pinched a nerve in my back. 
And believe me, that is really painful.
I got this letter from my lovely Steffi. 
As you know I know her through a Platform called Letternet and I really love her letters. 

I bought this from a girl a while ago. I got two, but one of this pouches is for my best friend Saga-chan. I send it to her, today. 
Its a little bag, which I can use for some kosmetik or some other staff.
I don't know for what I could use it. lol

 Thos a my new Babies, too.
Alice Nine - Hanna
Daizystripper - Harumeka Bokura

I love this both Songs, so much. ♥

 This is Ice and its so damn delicious. I taste it yesterday and I think I would buy more, when I am at our Netto - Store the next time. XD
Chocolate hearts filled with strawberry icecream. 
I love Strawberrys!!

At least a picture from a new Chocolate. My hsuband bought it today. I taste it and its... I don't know who I could describe it. 
I love TUC Cookies and I love Chocolate... but both together. Its a little bit strange. xD

I think thats all for now. I bought a "few" books the last days too. Used books, but they are in a very good condition and on my book blog.
See you soon,


And btw.. one sentence in German..

Wenn du schon wieder kopierst oder Dinge schreibst, die du hinterher "bereust", tu es weniger öffentlich und steh wenigstens dazu, wenn man dich drauf anspricht!! 

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