strawberry - junkie

Hello again,

yesterday I got some asian food.
The cakes are very delicious.. with strawberry.
As you know I love strayberrys.
I can eat it all the time. 

I got this lovely card from a lovely Person in a postcardgroup at facebook.
Thanks a lot to Carmen.

And yesterday I made this picture from my littte one.
He can be so.. cute. XD
But sometimes he is like Kyo: "I am note cute!!" XDDDD

This is myself.
I cut my hair on monday and I think I like it.

I think that all for know.
See you later,

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  1. Uhhh lecker asia Süßkram *___*

    Wie hast du den tollen Effekt auf dein bild gezaubert? *__*

    YEAH~ die comments gehen wieder!!!


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