Christmas Presents

I want to try to blog in English a little bit more, so this is my first Attempt. Be patient with me. XD
With this Entry I want to show you my Christmas Presents, which I got from some lovely people. Thank you all so much for it. I was very happy about all of it.
I have no particular order, I'll post pictures just as I uploading them. So, let us begin. 
I think some of the descriptions will be in German, but that should not be a problem, right?

This is the Christmas - Present from my Husband. He saw a while ago, that I watched at this on a platform in WWW, so he's going to bought me this bag.
I was very happy about it.  

This is a bracelet and Earrings, I got from Maria.
She send me this with a little card.
This Card is not from Maria, but I was so surprised and happy about it. 
A while ago I bought some things at a shop in Japan, so I got this card from them on last Saturday.
I was really surprised, I have not expected it.

This is from Saga-chan. 
5 Books: 
a) Angelika Murasaki - Kirschblüten im Schnee
b) Angellika Murasaki -Eischrysanthmen
c) Angelika Murasaki - Yakuza Flower
d) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
e) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Mon Cherié ( which isn't on the picture, cause I have eaten it XD
1 Manga  -  Rie Honjoh - Sweet Case
One Bookmark, Two Cards from Alice Nine
One Plek
One Box with Owls, which I can be used as a Jewelry box

Mon Cherié from Miya.
Gosh, I love Mon Cherié so much.
If I could, I would eat it all the time. :D

This one is a little Gift from P!
1 Book  - Koji Suzuki - Dark Water
1 lovely Card
1 Book, which I can use as Adressbook or something other.

This is from my Penpal Andrea.
I think you can see what it should be.
Some Vases in Asian Style and a lovely card.
The Bodylotion isn't a Christmas Present, but she send it to me with her Package, so I make a picture from all of it. :D

Last but not least I got this from Julia.
She lives with her Family in Japan and I was very happy, that she sends something to mee.
A book, with I can send as an adressbook, too.
A trailer for my window, which also depends already inside of it.
A scarf, carrying by my Doraemon now. :D
And a Lovely Card, too. 

I got a lot of other cards, too. I was very happy about all of them, every card I got, so thank you so much all for it.
Maybe I will write another entry a little bit later again, but then in German.
There's still something that bugs me.

So see you later and have a great 2nd Christmas Day. 


And please excuse my terrible English. I know it's cruel!

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  1. Dein Englisch ist doch gar nicht übel. Ich krüppel mich auch immer mit dem Englisch rum und scheitere kläglich. XDD Aber naja... solange man es verstehen kann, bin ich happy. XD


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